About Internet Users!

As we all are aware of the rapid evolution in technology, the users of the internet are increasing exponentially. As per the report, there are 4.479 billion active internet users. So almost all the business owners (product base/service base) are highly dependent on online marketing companies to take care of their branding and marketing on online portals.


There are 4.07 billion unique mobile users. So handheld devices played a vital role so far so online marketing is concerned. We have 3.725 billion social media users and 3.66 billion mobile social media users. Targeting customers on social media became a trend for business houses.

E-commerce Marketplaces

It is becoming a trend for product-based organizations to list their products on online marketplaces wherein there are several listing websites that provide a platform for service-based organizations as well.

  • No need to worry about additional marketing.
  • Already available platform for creating own shop.
  • Easy shipping.
  • Trustworthy platform for new customers.
  • Cost in-efficient for large shops.
  • No mechanism for branding.
  • Dependency.
  • More competition for a single type of product.

Future of E-commerce!

As per the statistics, the retail sales of e-commerce portals will reach to 4.9 trillion till 2021 (265% growth from 2014). Though it is anticipated, we can feel that people are becoming habitual of purchasing online as they have a ton of options to choose from. Also, starting from retail, food, general items, clothing, accessories, etc. we have almost everything available online.


By considering all these, we can conclude that mobile shopping, voice commerce (when we command for shopping), personalization of products using simulation (Like we already have for most of the furniture stores), and most important social media shopping is about to emerge to its peak.